Featured Services

1-on-1 Training

60 or 90 Min
In-person training to help boost motivation and push you to the next level, while ensuring a safe intensity and appropriate movement patterns are established.
10+ Training Packages Include:
FullScript Portal: Supplement Recommendations, always optional, within your personal account, clearly outlining dosages and the time of day to take them.
Dietary adjustments based on your current eating plan and goals.
Cardio + Corrective Exercise + Lifestyle Plan



Recovery Sessions

60 or 90 Min
Theragun Percussive Therapy
PNF & Static Stretching
FRC Tissue Stimulation & Mobliziation
Recovery sessions focus on nurturing your muscular foundation by notably increasing blood flow to the muscles while reducing swelling and inflammation throughout the body.

Full Body Assessment + Corrective Exercise Program

A Full-Body Functional Movement Screen followed by an online Corrective Exercise Plan that you can integrate weekly. This plan assists in the prevention and mitigation of joint and muscle stiffness while helping to ensure proper movement mechanics. Depending on the assessment results and your needs, we will follow-up every 1-2 weeks.

Quality Supplements Delivered

To boost your performance and optimize your recovery, visit my Fullscript dispensary to set up a free account, receiving  10% off all orders!
Quality, Certified Seals of Approval & efficient supplementation delivered to your home or business.


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