KT’s Method

Specialties: Weight loss, Rehabilitation, Articular Resilience + Longevity, & Daily Movement Mechanics for injury prevention + pain management. Goal: Develop the skills necessary to achieve your desires aesthetically, mentally & emotionally.
Long Term Mindset: If you want something, you must have a purpose, an intention and a desire for it that surpasses momentary discomfort. The latter of which, you’ll grow to love as you connect with all the minute movement details you didn’t realize encompassed and effected your everyday life.

I strive to adapt my coaching style to your needs. This isn’t a burden, I’ll get bored otherwise and become mediocre as I’ve learnt that this skill is necessary and foundational to being a strong coach. Some days you may need a military sergeant while others you may need kind motivation to reestablish your energies. I will teach you as I come to know you. As I learn you, You’ll learn yourself. We are a team from day 1. We don’t leave each other hanging and we hustle through.
With every session, you create your personal strategy. 

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”

Credentials and Certifications

  • FR Strength Coach, FR Assessment Specialist, & FRC Mobility Specialist – Functional Anatomy Seminars
  • FMS L2. – Functional Movement Systems
  • Back/Spine/Shoulder Training – Chek Institute
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist – NASM
  • Theragun Performance Specialist – Therabody
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist – The BioMechanics Method
  • Certified Personal Trainer – ACSM
  • CPR – American Red Cross
  • M.S. Nutrition – MUIH
  • B.S. Dietetics – MSU

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Miami, FL.

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