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  • It is not so common to find a trainer with a good education. KT approached me with special attention, studying all the details of health and created a program for me. She is a great trainer who is very responsible for her work. I see a positive change in my body and I'm very thankful for that!
    Fashion Model
  • I booked my first session with Katherine a few weeks ago to get back in shape. She is amazing. She first assessed me to see my level of fitness and then developed a fitness program specifically for me. After a few weeks, I feel great and improving every week. Now I look forward to my sessions. Thank you, Katherine!
    Mohamed E.
  • I've really enjoyed my sessions with Katie. She's thoughtful, well-prepared, and very pleasant to work with. I don't have any complaints whatsoever. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs help in reaching their training goals.
    Nicolas A.
  • I reached that point where I needed to lose my excess weight and a personal trainer would help me achieve the body I'm after much quicker vs me "trying" to do it on my own. I did my research when it comes to trainers and I felt that Katie was the most qualified trainer and so I hired her.
    Dennisse M.
  • KT has helped me overcome a lot of hurdles!
  • When I first started working with KT I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never had a personal trainer. I’ve now been training with her for over a year and I couldn’t be happier! I see so many amazing changes in my body and I feel stronger than ever. Most importantly, I’m achieving my fitness goals safely. As a physician, I’ve seen many exercise-related injuries resulting from improper training so I appreciate KT’s attention to form and proper technique. She’s well educated and that’s very evident in her approach to training.
  • Katie is by far one of the best trainers I have worked with. At the advice of my surgeons (spinal and knee), I went back to the gym, but this time with guidelines from my doctors. Katie was patient, explained what and why we were doing plus doing research on her own to help me along. And at the age of 78, she was a godsend.
    Lucia E.
  • I've got out of a rut and lost weight, inches and body fat since I started training with Katie. More importantly, I'm back to looking forward to my time at the gym. I've worked with trainers before, but none has come close in terms of the quality of training or professionalism. Highly recommend!!
    Moira M.
  • Katie is simply fantastic. I love her holistic approach to health, nutrition, and fitness. She designed and amazing customized fitness and nutrition program for me that is helping me achieve my goals. In only about 2 months results are showing up and I feel greater than ever. Katie is extremely professional, detailed oriented, thorough and perfectionist. From day 1 she listened to my goals, took detailed measures and has been supporting me, day by day (literally) to stay on track.
    Elba F.
    Health Coach
  • A strong woman who will see to it that you achieve your goals. She will make sure you're on top of your diet and exercise and will make personal work out plans to fit your needs. Highly recommended giving her a try, you will not be disappointed.
    Lili B.
    Human Rights Activist
  • She gives me that needed push when I feel I can't go any further. Most importantly, I see the results. There are improvements and they are visible!
    Abigail G.
    Interior Designer
  • She has transformed me from someone who is always feeling weak, tired and overweight. I am now someone who is energetic and feels healthy and emotionally and mentally sharper. I am so glad I met her. She has changed my life. 
    Maria C.
  • Katie's committed to the exact Science of Health, Nutrition & Fitness. This makes her tremendously valuable to anyone that trains with her. Her vast knowledge of the playing field eases the minds and spirits of the individual that chooses her.
    Delphine M.
  • Katie Hartley changed my life. I mean that in all sincerity. I have always been an active person and have only stopped exercising for three short periods in my life as a result of injuries. After the third injury (plantar fasciitis) returned in 2014, I had to quit my running-heavy boot camp class.
    Molly McCaffrey, Ph.D.




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